Tuesday, 3 September 2013


In today's era game of football is also very popular and people like it very much but due to the bad performance of Indian football team people follow the international football, on sports channel.Although there are so many reputed football club in india and so many tournament been played everywhere in small and big cities including I league but due to lack of the funds and other facilities number of tournament and cluds are reducing day by days. Recently Mahindra and Mahindra and JCT football clubs have been closed due to financial constrains.That's why there is a lot of need to promote this game from grass route level.
                                         Goodwill Football Association (Ragd) is a registered body under registrar of society act 1860.This association is engaged in the work of promotion of game of football. For this purpose this association organize practice, trial and coaching camps at various place time it time. In these camps players of different age group participate. In these camps special coach and trainer are called for imparting the tips of football game to the players. The players are also paid for their to and fro conveyance to participate in these camps. Beside this, the association run a football club name goodwill football club, Which is affiliated with Delhi Soccer Association and stand in senior division. For these all activities there is a need of huge amount of money, the source of funds of this association is very limited i.e., annual subcription and donation from its members. But all the members are salaried persons of small businessman. So, the donation and subcription from them is not sufficient to achieve the charitable objective of this association.This is the link of our website Goodwill F.C. .