Thursday, 5 September 2013

Senior's League Final Match

In the history of Goodwill Football Club, the whole team faced many ups and downs in the year of 2013. The youngsters after so much of hardwork reached to the finals of "Senior Division League" Delhi 2013. Approximetely 10 matches were faced by our team. Team showed a great determination and enthusiasm of took the club to the 2nd best club of the Delhi. This all was thundering and shocking experience for the Delhi football lovers as Goodwill Football Club was nothing in 2012 but the 2nd best team of delhi in 2013. This drastic entry in football world was unexpected and unbelievable. The members of association welcomed the club with good honour the most thrilling news is that the team for the first time experienced the Senior League and in that only league they stand 2nd. The Founders of club are proud on their team member and the players. The Good news comes out that after the Senior League the club is getting more oppornuties  and is now qualified for the "I-League" and "Durand Cup". The club was made by the efforts of some football lovers and now it is being counted in the best team of Delhi which seems a great achievement for the member of this club. This all was just a small beginning in sport world as from now their is much more to come ahead. To more information of Goodwill Football Club you can go to this link.